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The fourth grade is a major transition year. Previously, much of the student work has been completed with workbook pages and now, most is completed with a text book. Reading and writing skills are expanded as students learn to read material, process the information and then place the main ideas into their written work. Students are also expected to do a lot more of their work independently as opposed to the guided practice and guided work that took place in lower grades. The grading scale has also been changed from the "S," "N" and "U" format to an "A," "B" and "C" scale. The fourth grade can be very challenging for many students (and the parents too) as adjustments are made to the independent work expectations in this grade.

Fourth Grade Curriculum

  • Bible: Summit
  • Math: Saxon
  • Reading: Novel studies and Accelerated Reader
  • English: Shurley English
  • Spelling: Purposeful Design
  • Science: Purposeful Design
  • Social Studies: BJU Press
  • Spanish: oral instruction and teacher developed materials
  • Special Classes: art, music, recorders, computer, PE, library time

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